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Image by Annie Spratt
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Our strategic vision is to identify and complete a business combination that creates substantial long-term value for both, our shareholders as well as the owners of the company we partner with. We intend to merge with this private company through a transaction in which our shareholders will own a substantial interest in the then public company that is created as a result of the initial business combination.



We believe that companies operating in the industrial and technology sectors have characteristics that make them attractive partners given the Industry 4.0 revolution and subsequent disruption caused by macrotrends around digitalization, automation, artificial & machine intelligence as well as energy efficiency & alternative propulsion.


We believe the transformation of the broader industrials landscape caused by these macrotrends will place disruptors and innovative incumbents at a competitive advantage, as they will drive a wave of new technological and subsequent business model changes. We see these companies as strategically well positioned, high-growth players in the coming Industry 4.0 technology revolution.



We will invest in private companies that lead this industry transformation. These companies can be founder and/or Venture Capital or Private Equity owned next-generation technology businesses or successful family businesses that transform their respective sectors or carve outs from larger corporations.

Given our team’s extensive experience as operators and investors in the global industrials market at both successful incumbents as well as disruptors, and our global networks that can open doors, we believe we are uniquely suited to support those transformative companies in their next chapter of growth. Along those lines, we see companies with a European heritage, a strong U.S. connection that are aspiring to have a global reach and leadership position as ideal companies to benefit from a business combination with us.

Image by Annie Spratt

We have identified general criteria and characteristics that we believe are important in evaluating prospective business partners.

As we will use these criteria in evaluating initial business combination opportunities,  we may also decide to enter into our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet all of these criteria and characteristics:

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Partnership Criteria 01
Differentiated & Proprietary Technologies for mission critical applications.

We will seek companies with exposure to the industrial and technology sectors with a differentiated product or manufacturing expertise in software, advanced materials, highly engineered components, sub-systems and systems that offer mission critical applications.

Our team will support our partner business along it´s technological journey and challenges.

Partnership Criteria 02
Companies at an inflection point that benefit from public currency

We will seek companies that need access to capital to develop new markets or high return capital projects as well as companies that look for public equity to pursue accretive acquisitions.  We also look for companies that are in generational or ownership transitions and want to strengthen their balance sheet and retain key employees.  We will also support the chosen company to become public market ready.  

Partnership Criteria 03

Strong management and governance.

We will seek companies that have trustworthy, talented, and experienced management teams. These companies may be led by entrepreneurs who are looking for a partner with our expertise to execute on the next stage of their growth. We also look  for companies that require additional management competence, where we will leverage our team´s experience to offer or recruit top talent.

Partnership Criteria 04
Companies that have the ability to deliver superior profitable growth

We will seek to partner with a company, that through its business model or technology, has the ability to profitably outgrow its respective sector.

Our team will help our business partner to fully scale and reach its potential.

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